Why do we need a Convention Center and Hotel

Frederick is Maryland’s second-largest city. We have a growing population, income per household, and interest from families that want to raise kids in a healthy environment. The lifeblood of commerce is foot traffic. To create foot traffic you need events. To host events you need a venue. I propose a Convention Center and Luxury Hotel.

Red Tape and Failed Leadership

The Convention Center and Hotel planning, execution, and oversight have been a nightmare. We’ve had four extensions on the project so far. With the city paying more and more resources for zero progress. The words from our own mayor

Mayor Michael O’Connor said he believes that if they go past June 30 without an agreement, the project could be significant, and possibly irreparably, jeopardized.

This vital project needs leadership and experience to become a reality in our city .

Proven leadership and Successful Businessman


I have a strong track record in business and I have an extensive background in understanding Financial Market’s pillars and functionalities. I understand how business works and how to get business completed on time with efficacy. Please consider supporting my vision for Frederick