Charlotte, North Carolina

My first house

Sometime after the death of Dr, Martin Luther King and before Disco

My family

I have one sister

strangely enough I slightly remember taking this picture

In 1976 we moved to Washington DC

My extended family

My family owned two homes on Capitol Hill in Washington DC. I literally grew up in the shadow of our Nations Capitol.

Calvary Episcopal Church

Grew up in the church

My entire value system was formed and molded by my strong church traditions and relationships.

1986 joined the Navy

To see the world

Looking for adventure, maybe a career and I wanted to see the world on a all expense paid tour lol

1990 Joined Local Union 26 Elecrtical Apprentiship

1991 Enrolled as a freshman at the Univeristy of Maryland


My first born Rebecca Funderburk

My amazing daughter who has all of my professional instincts initiative and drive

1992 Laura Funderburk

my secound child

My amazing best friend and daughter

1999 My first son was born

John Funderburk

John was the perfect child, I think he his demeanor from his mom

2009 Changed careers

I left the union and began my career in Finance

Instead if taking a salary job at a investment firm. with the advice of my mentor Martin Smith. I stayed independent and built my client base while working in cratering and a local restaurant at night

2011 Moved to Frederick

2013 adopted my 4th child

Savannah Funderburk

Savannah is so full of life and energy.

2017 adopted my fith child

Samantha Funderburk

Samantha is fearless and loves people

2021 Running for Mayor of Frederick